Make2D Development?

Hello all,

I have a couple of comments I would like to make on the Make2D feature of Rhino. Make2D is a very powerful tool for architecture students although a lot of times when the model gets fussy the make2D seems to be missing a lot of lines. This can be troublesome because the typical workflow is Rhino Make2D to Adobe Illustrator for lightweight adjustments and coloring/diagramming etc. This is even when the tolerance is adjusted. Is there a ticket somewhere in the Rhino Development teams folders to try and master this command?

Some suggestions for Make2D

  1. Having the tolerance being editable in the make2d prompt so we don’t have to switch it back after running the command(one-time tolerance adjustment).
  2. When the layers are created from make2D, could it place the lines of the object nearest to the camera on a layer above, and so forth. This way when we bring into Illustrator or another program the layers are already organized according to distance, making editing line weights very simple and streamlined. This could be an option so people who do not use it for architecture won’t have to deal with mixed layers.
  3. This may be for Lumion, When taking a render from lumion the program says it is matching the camera viewport but it does not exactly, therefore when you take make2D from the perspective you are rendering in Lumion, they do not line up in post-processing.

Hello - thanks, I’ll add these to the pile. I am not sure how your second point can be implemented - after things are in 3d, a line might represent something whish is both closer and farther from the camera than another.


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Im no computer wiz here but before the make2D process runs, could it determine which object is closer? Possibly the same way it determines if hidden lines are…hidden?

Well, imagine you have a box with receding edges in the current view - there are three smaller boxes distributed between the front and back of the first one. Where do the lines representing the receding edges go in the 2d output, relative to the lines from the three other boxes?