make2d - define output layers through scripting

I know how to script MAKE2D command:

rhino.command "-Make2D DrawingLayout=CurrentCPlane ShowTangentEdges=Yes CreateHiddenLines=Yes MaintainSourceLayers=No Enter ", False

but is there a way to define the output layers too?
( assuming that output layers already exists )

I could use VBS or Python example…

thanks in advance,

You have the following command line options in order:

DrawingLayout=<CurrentView  CurrentCPlane  4ViewUSA  4ViewEurope>
ShowTangentEdges=<Yes No>
CreateHiddenLines=<Yes No>
ShowViewRectangle=<Yes No>
MaintainSourceLayers=<Yes No>
VisibleLineLayer <layername>
VisibleTangentsLayer <layername>
VisibleClippingPlanesLayer <layername>
HiddenLineLayer <layername>
HiddenTangentsLayer <layername>
HiddenClippingPlanesLayer <layername>
AnnotationLineLayer <layername>

That should allow you to put objects on layers you want. If the layers do not already exist, you should create them beforehand (via script or manually)

HTH, --Mitch

thank you very much!