Make2d creates lines from hidden layers of blocks - crashes if source layers selected - Rhino 6

Trying to create a make2d of a model that consists of blocks. I’ve turned off and lock layers that I don’t want in the Make2d. The result of the make2d is all layers turned on. I even turned off the layers in the referenced block and it still creates the lines. The behavior with blocks is not at all functional. Make2D should generated what is on screen not everything. Am I missing something?

More critical, I tried to have the make2d use the source layers so I could manually turn off the unwanted layers and that causes rhino to crash every time. I checked all the the blocks for bad objects and there are none.

Hello - in my quick test this all works - the make2D output to source layers respects off layers - that is, the entire block is drawn but off layers are off in the output. No crashing here so far… can you repeat that crash with a super simple file with boxes on two layers or something similar. If that works… please send us the file that blows up.
(, or for large files, SaveSmall, zip an send via


Was there a fix for this?
I am experiencing the same issue using Rhino 6 and nXT5.5