Make2d crash

rhino 6 constantly crashes with make2d top view. ive tried only a portion of the model instead of the whole thing and still nothing.

file here:

Yeah. Make2d with your model is strangely slow. I just tried it on Rhino 7 and it may take a couple hours or longer–10% completion after 20 minutes on my end. (I’ll have to stop the process.) I once had to do a make2d of an extremely large and intricately detailed model imported from Maya (converted to nurbs from SubD). I ended up horizontally splitting the entire model into about three discrete pieces. This was done on a very early Work In Progress Mac version of Rhino. But it worked. Just took 30 min or so for each elevation. I then joined the linework for each elevation in Illustrator. You also may want to move just what you need to a clean file, and attempt the make2D there. I don’t know if scaling the model would do anything to speed things up (probably not). As a last resort change your viewport display mode to the “technical” setting, but you can skip this step. Simply create a Layout with the top view. Print with “vector output” selected in the print dialog, and then save to PDF. You may have to expand the dialog to see the extra options. Then you can open the PDF in illustrator and you will have linework you can edit