Make2D - catastrophic results intersection curves


I have modelled a bridge.
Create a vertical clipping plane along the long axis of the bridge.
Create cplane coincident to the clipping plane.
Run make2d and have clipping plane intersections ticked.
Group output ticked.

-Intersection curves are terrible unclosed and cant be hatched
-Run simple twosetintersection bridge vs clipping plane and see how much better the resulting curves are compared to make2d

Expected behaviour:
-Make2d should create nice closed curves like in case of intersectiontwosets
-curves behind clipping plane obscured by the solid should be “hidden”
model.3dm (1.5 MB)

Hi Ivan - From what I can see Hatch finds the regions OK in the Make2d output:

Am I looking at the right thing?


Almost :slight_smile:

You should create a view with vertical clipping plane in the central axis of the bridge and filter only clipping plane intersection curves coming from make2d

Those curves are messy unlike intersectwosets clipping plane vs bridge

Hi Ivan - this still looks like it works, here - I can hatch the curves that are on ‘Clipping plane intersections’

I do not get messy curves as far as I can see- I guess you should make the bad thing happen, then save and post the file so I can see what I am looking for.


Today i can hatch the curves even though i dont understand why there should be 31 curves instead of one closed curve.

resulting clipping plane intersection curves should give the same result as intersecttwosets between the object and clipping plane

model (2).3dm (2.0 MB)