Make2D bug with reduced mesh

Hi guys, I have a 3D model of a sculpture that I reduced with reducemesh (and it looks great) but when I make2D of it then it reports errors wheni export to DWG due to bad object curves… and I think Make2D should check for AND correct bad objects.
I can’t send of the model, but I can chop of a part with a faulty area if interested.

Hi Jorgen - whatever bit you can send would be useful, thanks.


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Ok, here is a part of the file.

I realized the problem was that the silhouette curves weren’t joined and when I tried to do so I must have messed up and also selected some of the other curves and thus created bad objects from overlaying curves.

So the bug here isn’t bad objects but rather that silhouette curves are neither joined, closed nor grouped even if group output is selected.

So can you take a look and see if I am correct?

And also consider if a warning should pop up if joined curves generate bad objects :slight_smile:

Make2D silhouette not joined.3dm (1.2 MB)

Hi Jorgen - I see the silhouettes are not joined into polylines… looking more closely, the silhouette lines are pretty messy - not joinable… I guess that is the underlying problem…


I can reproduce the messy outline (but not AS messy) with a reduced mesh from a sphere.

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Great! It is fabulous that Rhino makes 2D from meshes now though!