Make2D as "Overkill" - alignment problem


I am looking at using Make2D as a way to “overkill” files with multiple overlapping lines/curves that we often get from students for laser cutting (this would be a top view only Make2D). However, the result of Make2D is always offset from the original. I seem to recall this being discussed in the past, and there is a youtrack item that is now closed. However, checking “Register with previous” still does not seem to align the Make2D with the original here… I have examples that I can post, but it can be reproduced even with a simple collection of rectangles…

I could remedy in this case by getting the BB of the original and aligning the BB of the Make2D with it, but I’d rather not if this can be fixed “natively”…

Edit -
By the way, I do have this working using RhinoCommon methods via script, the Make2D in Top viewport is perfectly synchronized with the original geometry.

Thanks, --Mitch