Make2D - additional options - WISH


I am using this command to make the main views of some interiors.
In Layout, I am applying Leaders. These leaders use a formula for ObjectName. But my newly generated objects (contours) from the “make2d” command do not have the name in them. It’s just blank.

Can you please implement (WISH), in the MAKE2D command, an option that will give to the newly generated 2D objects (contours) their original object’s properties (such as Name or Linetype).
Thus, the new lines will have in their name (in properties)… the names of the objects they belong to (the original lines, surfaces or solids).

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While we’re at it …
I’d suggest a ‘Draw to current layer’ option.

I think it is not this way - if there is associativity between the 3D and 2D this would be possible. Actually, that how is done in other software.

Added to the wish heap- thanks. I’m just guessing but I suspect this is not at all easy…


Thank you