Make2D 4-view produces a shrunken perspective view

Working on a patent drawing. When I apply Make2D in Rhino 7 it produces good TOP, FRONT and RIGHT views, but the PERSPECTIVE view is shrunken in scale and cannot be used.

If I run the same command, Make2D, in Rhino 5 I get properly proportioned images in all four quadrants, but there are problems with line dropouts, so this is not a solution.

Maybe something about the way I have set up Make2D in Rhino 7 shrinks the perspective view?

Thank you for your insights. Michael

My guess is it might have something to do with the BoundingBox, but that’s a guess without the file.

If you can’t share it, try running Make2D on just a maximized Perspective view and use it instead of the small one.
They are curves so they will scale cleanly.

Thank you John. You are right, I cannot submit a patent file. I ended up making a screen grab of the familiar TOP, RIGHT, PERSPECTIVE and FRONT quadrants, and used Paint to overlay some numbers and text.

Win 7 has fewer problems with lines dropping out of 2D images than Win 5, but it does drop lines now and then. The shrunken head perspective view might be a bug associated with Make2D in Win 7. Perhaps something to pass along to the Win 8 developers. mcg

Why couldn’t you just scale up the Perspective view you got from Make2D? Seems like 1 or 2 extra steps vs…17.