Make "Y" objects

Hello everyone, I want make a “Y” object inside in every intersection, but I have no idea how to start, someone who can give me a hint.



My best hint right now would be for you to share a file or at the very least the data structure of the points.

OK. There is the (31.2 KB)

Here’s how I’d do it.
The datastructure is a bit too simple to have a full control at the bottom though.
Is it what you wrere looking for? (32.1 KB)

Yes, It’s very close, but I want the every “Y” object just 10mm than I need to extrude the “Y” to outside surface the high is 9mm. What can I do? There has another dataStereographic_projection_ME (3).gh (53.0 KB)

The slider of the last version sets the length of the Y’s to whatever length you want :slight_smile:

Anyway, here is a version with extrusions included.
I used the file from yesterday.
I renamed the sliders, you can set them to any value you want ! (34.0 KB)

Thank you so much, Maes! You did me a big favor! :grin: Can I ask you more one question?

If you spell my name correctly, yes :upside_down_face:

Oops I’m so sorry M,A,E,S. Maes, I just found a problem from the file you made, the every “Y” objects were not have the same width.

No worries !
I need an example…

But if you compare the inside of the Y and the outside, that’s normal.
In my definition, as we extrude, the vectors come from the center of the sphere, so the distance between the points gets bigger.
We do that in order to keep the 3 parts of the Y’s connected to each other, otherwise they would not be touching.

Right, I agree with you! Now can I ask you next question? :grinning:

Hey, the forum is made mainly to ask questions… Don’t bother asking if you can ask, if I don’t reply, someone else will most likely do :slight_smile:

You’re right. I want extrude the “Y” object to 0.25mm (as shown below) to be a entity.