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Hi to the forum, would anyone have the time to make a couple examples of the differences between “MakeUniform” on a curve and a surface . Wanting to see the differences in the ones that are not and ones that are. Wanting to know when MakeUniform is the right tool to use. Thank you, Mark

Hi Mark - I use this in two general cases I guess -

  • curves and surface tend to be ‘better behaved’ in point editing if the knots are uniform - Non Uniform is the NU in NURBS, so it is clearly allowed, but as a general rule if you want to change shapes by point editing it is easier/more predictable on a uniform curve or surface. It can be a matter of ‘how’ non uniform as well - I’ll make some examples later, I am not in the office this morning. BlendSrf or Sweep2 (not with Simple Sweep) tend to make fairly dense surfaces that not not very tractable when point editing. RemoveMultiKnot, followed by MakeUniform (In that order!) can help a lot if you do want to point edit these. MakeUniform will generally change the shape at least a little, sometimes a lot.

  • Matching curves for structure for surfacing commands that care - Loft, EdgeSrf,and others that like curves with the same number of spans. If a series of curves includes non-uniform ones, especially if they are not all the same - i.e. copies of an original, then the resulting surface may be more complicated and unclean in terms of isocurve distribution and direction, than if all are non-uniform.

InsertKnot has some settings (Automatic and Midpoints=Yes/No) that are designed to assist in placing new knots midway between existing ones in order to keep things more uniform.


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Hi Pascal, sound like making somethng is half the battle, making it the simplest or easiest is where the rubber meets the road.---- Mark
Oh, and those examples would be great for visual learners.

Hi Mark - here’s one example.

UniformCurves.3dm (84.5 KB)


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I work throughout the day in a tooling area. I keep tabs with the forum at work on my phone. I try and draw 3 hrs. a day. When I get home to an internet connection, I will your file. Thanks for this. ----Mark

Is the Fair command because it actually moves the points of a curve?

Hi Nick - I am not sure I understand the question…?


Sorry, part of the question got lost: Is the Fair command different from MakeUniform, because it actually moves the points?

Hi Nick - Fair is altogether different - it may create a completely new curve with completely different structure. MakeUniform keeps point count and degree but makes a version that has uniform knots - any change in shape is a consequence of that, there is no fairing calculation.


OK, thanks.

I looked at your examples. Control points stay in the same place? Is that accuate? Also saw how it makes a surface more managable. Thank you,Mark