Make two fillet on a curve

Someone can explain me how can i make two fillets at the same time on a curve, my result is always two curves with one fillet each.
Need some help.

Fillet (7.9 KB)

If you’re specifically looking for just two points, the easiest solution is probably just to apply the fillets in two steps.

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If you want an arbitrary number of fillets, you might want to try something like this.Fillet (10.9 KB)


Yours is a very interest solution to solve this issue and it work nicely.
Thank you so much :smiley:

So the default component cannot handle more than one fillet at time on the same curve, but can multiple curves with one fillet each.

There are actually two confusingly-named Fillet components. You used the first, which places a single fillet on a given point. My solution uses the second, which attempts to fillet every kink in a particular curve. I simply removed all the kinks that I didn’t want to be filleted.