Make surface have the feature of b/w bitmap

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I am working on a model and may want to let the surface has the similar features as the attached bitmap. But instead of using bitmap as the render material, I want to make the white part of bitmap be the solid part on surface and black becomes void.

Is there any way to achieve such effect? Do I need to use grasshopper?

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Hello - using the image as a transparency map on the material will make the surface look like it has voids.

Voids.3dm (421.5 KB)


Can anyone help me?

have you tired with what Pascal says? use the texture as opacity map?

Hi, thanks for your answer. Though your approach can achieve that effect visually, I want to get the surface to be that (void means real hole) since I need to print it out later.

I know that approach, use bitmap to attach to model like render material. But I want to get the surface to be exactly look like that way (void means real hole) since I need to print it out after the modeling process.

Hello - in that case I guess you’ll need to trace the bitmap and then split the surface

A cheap way out would be to

  1. Create a Heightfield from the image - fairly tall
  2. Section just above the flat part
  3. Trim a plane with the resulting curves.


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in case that the final surface is not planar, you can flow or pull the traced bitmap and then split the tarjet surface