Make Simplex Noise Solid into Hollow Mesh

I am trying to subtract a basic cylinder from a simplex noise cylinder to create a hollow, closed mesh (pink) with openings (red). Boolean operations aren’t working. Any suggestions for how I might approach this are greatly appreciated.

2310_NOISE (28.2 KB)

You should be able to turn your closed simplex noise mesh into a SubD, then turn that SubD into a closed brep, then do your booleans.

*NOTE/WARNING: the process might be slow in grasshopper (that is, turning the SubD into the brep):
*It actually took about a minute to preview it, not 2.4s - and I didn’t even try the boolean but you can :slight_smile:
I don’t have the plugin you used so when I open your file I get a normal cylinder instead of the one you’ve deformed, however the principle is the same.


Hi @_RC - thanks for your suggestion. I converted to SubD and then to Brep but the Boolean still failed, unfortunately.

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Crazy! Did it take forever for the boolean to compute and fail?
What about splitting the noisy cylinder with the other one using brep multiple? I mean, just another try - I’m not surprised solid booleans fail you with such objects - they can be hit or miss. Sometimes you ‘exaggerate’ one object a bit (like, making sure they ‘intersect more’, LoL, and then booleans work - sometimes they simply don’t) - internalize your noisy mesh I’ll give it a try if you want.

Yes, it took a few minutes to complete each operation. Thanks so much for offering to take a second look! The file with internalized geometry is attached.
2310_NOISE (14.4 MB)