Make overview like this to sent to Client

I am new in this program. How do I make a overview like this in the picture, and how do I export it out of the program so I can send it as a PDF to the customer? Step by step please!

Start with using the Make2D command. There some excellent tutorials out there on how to use it.

I have done the Make2D command. But after that, I havent find excellent tutorials for the nest steps for Rhino for Mac.

Look in the Rhino Help pages for the topic “Text and Dimensions”.

Pdf files can be created with the file > print menu item. Select the objects you want to see and check the box “selected items only” under the visibility options. Work your way through the other options such as position, scale, margins etc. (where it says “Output and Scaling” by default) until you see want you want to see in the preview window. Then click the “pdf” button in the bottom left corner of the print UI and take it from there.
If it is a line drawing that you want to present, it is best to click the vector display option.