Make object type unelectable?

Is there a command so i cannot select a certain type of object?

I have about 60 2 rail sweeps to create and one of the curves is always on the edge of a polysurface that it just created.

Something like the osanp dialog, where I can check a certain object type and it becomes unelectable .

So I don’t have to click curve each time. I still want the object on the layer i am working on.

Thanks, Randy


(Windows has a selection filter dialog that allows you to choose which object types can be selected or not, but it hasn’t made it to MacRhino yet AFAIK…)


Thanks Mitch, I thought there was something to sort of do that.

Locking is still another click, sort of like the near objects option to pick one or the other.

I will wait for the Mac version of the selection filter, just thinking out loud!


@dan any idea on timeline for selection filter with Rhino for Mac. Do you want Calvados too?


i think you might not need this in the exact scenario you’re showing.
the only things you need are the spacebar and mouse clicks.

the curves always appear first in the ‘choose objects’ panel… if there’s one curve and one surface edge, the curve will be highlighted and the spacebar will confirm the selection… (on a related note, you can also push delete in the same scenario and the curve will delete without selecting it more explicitly)

so after running the initial sweep2 command, you would:

space: to repeat the command
click: on the edge/curve as one of the rails
space: to choose the curve
(then finish the rest of the sweep command with the mouse&spacebar and repeat the above)

anyway, the main thing i’m trying to say is that you can use the spacebar to select the first item on the list without needed to click on it with the mouse

Cool, thanks Jeff. I will try that tomorrow … someone mentioned Calvados and it’s that time of the night here, you + 1 hour. :slight_smile:

well i guess a selection filter would still be a lot better here… seems like a pretty good example of when a selection filter would come in handy.

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Sorry for the delayed uptake y’all. Yes, the answer is yes, I always want a Calvados too. What the question again? Oh wait…

any idea on timeline for selection filter with Rhino for Mac.

At the moment this item (MR-692) is marked 6.x. I understand how useful this would be. I get that. Right now, we are chomping at the bit to get a “finish-line” in place for Rhino 5 for Mac and move on Rhino 6 for Mac. As we look at the issues list, we are prioritizing items (5.x) that are truly preventing people from getting their work done. This one - though a glaring omission - seems like a giant paper-cut from my perspective. Annoying, but you can work around it. Can someone please help me make a good case otherwise?

PS: I believe the title of this thread is a Freudian slip commonly occurring around this time in the election cycle, particularly this election.

S’OK @dan we’ve been getting our work done with Rhino for Mac since 2008, a few days / weeks / months are not going to hurt us. That’s why they invented Calvados so we don’t have to drink Scotch and play curling or golf. Though a single malt can be good.

I think Clipping plane trumps DollyZoom … unelectable … gonna be fun down there in a few weeks.

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