Make Mirror Copy NO


Even if I hit C and make copy : No the next time, within seconds even, I use Mirror its defaulted back to Yes.

Irritating and the sort of thing that shouldnt be.

How can I make it stay at No…forever !!!

Likewise Knot:Chord for Interpolate Points tool


Hi Steve, if you are working from a button, you can change the macro to

! _Mirror _Pause _Copy=_No

On the other hand, you can use the RememberCopyOptions command to set how Copy=Yes/No is used by all the transform commands that have a copy option. Be careful with this… you may not like what it does to other Copy=Yes/No settings.



I am going Transform>Mirror from top menu

does that count as a button ?

I wouldnt know how to change the macro…hows that done ?


No, it doesn’t.

Hi Steve,

have a look at these links to get some info on how to customize buttons: