Make massing video using Rhino

Hi all, I have seen a video of “the shed”, I think it is really cool. See link below:

I wonder what would be the easiest way to make a video like it, (if I don’t want to go too much into scripting / grasshopper)? Is bongo an option for it?
If I want to go a bit further, to make it has a bit rendering effect like BIG’s massing video.

How can I do it with bongo or other rendering plug_ins? I don’t think I would go for vray since the learning curve sounds too steep to me…

Thanks for any suggestion.

Hi! Bongo is an animation plugin, not a renderer, and it does not play together with Enscape, or VRay from what I gather. I would be very surprised if this was done in Rhino. Probably a 3ds max job (and a massive one). Wondering myself how they did it.

I didn’t say those videos were done by Rhino. I just want to know if rhino is possible to do a similar video like these. I think the visual effect in the first video (the shed) looks like the rhino render model. I won’t supprise if someone told me it is done by rhino…

Most effects could be done per Bongo, but not all. Moving people isn’t possible.

Also it looks like clipping planes are used, but this clipping planes seems to be connected to selected objects only. This is possible per V-Ray, but not per basic Rhino only. V-Ray and Bongo works together, only motion blur can’t be used and the whole scene is loaded to V-Ray for each frame again and again. This slow down the process for complex models.