Make hatches update with their limiting boundaries?


I was wondering if it wouldn’t make sense to make hatches more dynamic in the sense that they would automatically update, if their boundary condition changes?

For instance, let’s say that a rectangular boundary with a matching hatch gets scaled or one of it’s vertices moved, the hatch could be live updated to match the new condition, instead of having to redo it.
The hatch would basically update as long as the boundary remains topologically the same.

If it gets more drastically changed, the Hatch command could be rerun to reinstate a new dynamic link.

That works now if you have Boundary=Yes in the Hatch command options.

Do I have to enable History for this? Doesn’t seem to work for me.

Yes, you do. Like most other commands that can have history, it’s not automatically enabled. If you want to make history enabled for Hatch while leaving the global option off, you can use a macro:

! #_Hatch _Boundary=_Yes


Thanks! I learned something new. :slight_smile:

Also note that you can turn on the points of the hatch object and move those…