Make everything Default color?

Is there a way to make all geometry take the Default color temporarily?

As an example - in modo you can dock a default material at the top of the shader tree (the shader tree controls colors, materials and textures of geometry) and that material will override all other materials or colors if it’s on. So you have a completely grey model. If you turn the default material at the top off you see all of the colors you’ve assigned to geometry.

I color code different parts of my model to distinguish them while I’m working but often I’d like to be able to either see it all as the default grey or send a version to the client that isn’t colored. The only way I see to do that is to change all the color tags individually. That’s quite laborious and often not realistic if the model is very complex.

Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

Hi Alex

You could make a custom display mode that has a sing;e material for all objects:

First create a copy of the rendered mode:

Second edit these settings:

If you export a model you can choose to only export geometry; that will strip all attributes including color
(beware, you loose all attributes so for example plugin information as well).