Make displacement seamless across entire object?

Hey guys,

I recently discovered rhino’s displacement feature for a signet ring I’m working on. It actually does exactly what I’m after except for one issue, theres a obvious gap between the bottom half of the ring and the top half.

I’m assuming it’s because the polycount/layout is different on the surfaces between the top and bottom?
Forgive the roughness of it all, I’m still somewhat new.


Any suggestions? I will then when complete extract a render mesh…print and cast.

Thanks everyone.

Hi @ndacek

I am not sure, but looking at your third image, I see that the ring body is build with two parts of different complexity.

Did you check that there in not any continuity break @ the quarter of the ring opening ?

Rodolfo Santos

Hi Rodolfo,

I actually suspect that is my problem. I’m honestly not sure how to fix it?

Then please post a file including the original ring body without any map applied on it.

Rodolfo Santos.