Make default export folder the same folder as the original file?

Is it possible?

I’m working with a lot of different projects. When exporting, often the folder which opens is the folder of the previous project, so I need to browse and find the correct folder.

For me it would make more sense to have the default export folder the same as the folder where the original file lives.

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This is an older post but doesn’t seem to have been answered. I have the same issue/desire as Simon. Today I have to do a File | Save As to capture the folder for the .3dm I am working on. Then I Export As and paste the .3dm origin folder path so that I can save the STL to the same folder as the source .3dm.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to make the default behavior be that the source .3dm and the Export folder are the same?

Hi Poday

I am using a workaround since a couple of weeks.

Just bind the script suggested by Pascal to a keyboard shortcut. Export folder will automatically be the same as the working folder and the filepath will be copied to the clipboard

Hi Simon, thank you (and Pascal) ! That should do the trick until it hopefully one day becomes an option under Export settings.