Make curves 'repell' or avoid each other

I have input curves generated from another software that fit in a certain bounding rectangle, but I need to extend them to another bigger rectangle. I’ve done that with Extend Curves, The options ‘Arc’ and ‘Smooth’ from the Extend curve component look terrible, so at the moment ‘Lines’ look the best, but also they sometimes leave gaps and overlaps. It makes the end result look like ruffled feathers whereas I want the extensions to look basically same as the input curves, smooth transitions between them.

How could I edit these extended segments to behave more smoothly?

I was thinking that could be perhaps done with attractors, sort of making the extended segments repell each other, but I have many of them and I am afraid this may be too computationally expensive.

Thank you very much! (856.7 KB)

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Try this: (840.1 KB)

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