Make C# plugin GUI scalable

Dear Rhino colleagues,

I am trying to write a Rhino plugin that contains a scalable interfaces. What I would like is a background image and some foreground text boxes where the user can fill in a value that corresponds to a position indicated in the background image.

The setup is a UserControl with a background image of which BackgroundImageLayout is set to “Zoom”. In that usercontrol, some textboxes are added, and the anchors are removed to avoid them to be stuck to the corners.

The result is that the space above and beneath the bounding box of all the text boxes combined seems to scale, but that the spacing between the text boxes seems to stay rigid…

Is there a way to treat the space BETWEEN the text boxes the same way as around the text boxes? Any help or indications much appreciated

Kind regards,


Some indication to a solution is to put the text boxes in cells in a TableLayout. But to design a table to position these textboxes isn’t that appealing or extensible