Make box for creating contour curve

I can do python but cannot create a box out of this for making contours curves.

Do you might know what I am doing wrong?

box trick (72.4 KB)

where is your rhino file

Rhino? Do you need Rhino to open it?
The Rhino file is completely empty, no curves or anything in it.

Is my Grasshopper file corrupted?

sorry i see it now ; because you the geometry was hidden and it is far from view center

scale it a little bit

or like this

box trick (72.6 KB)

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Batman volunteering at Warner Bros. Harry Potter I see…

Thanks great! :smiley:

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do you want create contour or something else by using box and boolean?

Yes, I needed the box to get depth contours,

thank you, you helped me out with that :smiley:

you are welcome; you can use subdivide mesh and interpolate to get better contour

maybe that also help you or someone else

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