Make BlendSrf preview Back surface brighter? (rhino mac) [same for loft]

Not urgent, wondered about it couple of times, but never thought to ask.

When doing Blendsrf, sometimes the preview gets all dark in render mode.
The surface in the inner-side seems ok.
Changed the direction of the surface using Dir but didn’t seem to affect it.

Is there any setting to make it brighter?

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Hi! Could you check you current layer material color (not layer color)?

I’m not sure if I’m getting the same color infortation you are refering to…
Selected surface right click, properties. Then in the pop up under material, the layer color is set to white. Can’t click it though.

I just created the file just to post it up so all setting is default. Unless I changed any preference while ago.

I am referring to this:

Got it.
It’s set to white. 0% for all attributes.

I changed it the layer from white to green, but no changes.

But, it seems when I select the blending surface the other way around it’s ok.
(well the black is now inside out)
Not sure of the rules behind this…

Check the blended surface normal direction in both cases (Dir command). I think you should verify the rendered mode backface setting in the Options.

Using Dir I set the direction the same and also different, but still same.
Rendered mode is set as same as front face.
I’ll play around with the setting a bit more… in the mean time I’ll try to select the curves the other way around though the preview loses the meaning a bit…
Is this mac specific maybe?

It might be either mac specific, or driver specific. Some input from Mac users needed.

yeah, it’s funky and probably something that needs fixed/adjusted… i don’t think there’s a way for a user to adjust this.

for clarity, this happens when Display Mode is set to “Rendered”.
(or a custom display mode based off Rendered).

if using Shaded mode, the darkening of the preview isn’t nearly as drastic.




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Thank you for the reply.
It seems to happen for the macs…

Changing the color of the backside of rendering is quite handy.
Changed the settings and using it now. Less problems when doing some booleans.

I see…
Just hoping it’ll get better in the future.

Thanks for the tip!