Make bigger by %?

Is there a tool to make a surface larger by a user defined percentage ? for fabric work this could be helpful for me.

Many thanks.

What about selecting the surface and using scale3d (or 2d for a planar surface)? It won’t scale by %, but it will sure scale by %/100

Hi Richard - if you set a base point and then type in a scale factor of say 1.13, it will be an increase of 13%… is that what you need?


I will try that, i hear over and over fabric covers made digitally are too tight so was wondering if there was a way to make the surfaces just a little bigger before cutting.

My first 2 digital covers fit by making the seam allowance a bit larger but was thinking there must be a Rhino tool :smile:


_ExtendSrf is another useful tool which would give you more control over which edges to extend and by how much.

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And you can also scale by a factor in Boxedit, with the advantage you can see how much the dimensions change by as you do so.

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thanks guys so many tools :slight_smile: it’s a job in itself to remember all these tools so i’m making a wall chart for reference heheh… a tiny bit better than hundreds of post-it notes ,

@BrianM BTW Brian the flybridge cover fits woohoo …

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