Any way to make ALL Object Movement ACCELERATION CURVES all FLAT ? All accelerations = 0 ?

Acceleration curves for CAMERA angles, positions and zooms can remain as-is.

ALL objects MUST be AT the keyframe positions I set, and not some interpolated adjustment. Objects MUST start at the START, and END at the END, not slide past end-point keyframes and inch back, and interpolate to intermediate keyframe points (a hysteresis like effect), and move back, and NOT accelerate at DIFFERENT RATES between keframe points, OR points BETWEEN set keyframe points.

All objects MUST move from KEYFRAME POINT to KEYFRAME point, AT THE EXACT SAME RATE- ALL accelerations EQUAL.

Manipulating EACH of DOZENS of curves for EACH of DOZENS of components is NOT the right answer, and as “flat” as you make the curve, SOME hysteresis (?) remains, and CANNOT be removed.

Accelerations can be set to ZERO (0) in RH-4/BO-1, but the variable only works on MOVE or LOCATION-CHANGE movements, and not on ROTATIONS or SCALES. Still, the MOVE at 0 - acceleration is a HUGE head start, and allows effective motion control.

I’ve forgotten the variable setting in RH-4/BO-1 or I’d drop back. Anybody know it ? ____ ?

I’m confident this has been addressed in RH-5/BO-1, I’m just asking for a little help with where and how ?

I’d PREFER to move forward to and through RH-4/BO-2.

Thanks !

Guess this one’s a real stumper. SORRY ! Just need a variable setting. I can take it from there - Thanks !