Make a 'value list' component based on list 1. with names and list 2. with values



There are 2 lists, (whereby the content can change)

List 1.: containing values
List 2: containing ‘Names’


I would like to use these 2 list to (automatically) generate a ‘value list’ component/dropdown menu.
Containing the names form list 2, and values of list 1.

Any suggestions?

2020-11-25 Generate Values list based on 2 input (5.9 KB)

Wanted Result:



Thanks :slight_smile:

There are some options over here:

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Ahh thank :).

This is almost exactly what I want, unfortunetely there is 1 important thing missing;

when the input lists are ‘modified/changed’ the Values/Names is the list are nog automatically updated.

Do you have any suggestions?



Can you provide an example of your implementation? It seems to work for me.

Ahh sory, I didnt see it is importatnt that the Name and value list name have to be the same :slight_smile:
to make a connection.

It works thanks!

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