Make a surface to cap surface hole

Hello eyeryone, I want to cap the surface hole upper and below to be a entity, how can I do?Stereographic_projection_ME_V2 (51.4 KB)

I would always suggest to create one or few front surfaces, which gets trimmed by the pattern. This way you don’t need to care for continuity and logic and you also reduce the surface count. Even better if you create the pattern on this/these surfaces from beginning on. Works great also for double curved shapes.
You can also do the trimming as a post process in Rhino.

Right, Tom maybe that is a way, but in this complex surface and curve Rhino wasn’t correctly caculate where need to be trim. So I need to try another way.

There are two ways of doing it. You project the hex curves on the surface(-s) and build the surface from there. Then the trimming will work. Or you extend all surfaces in a way, that they clearly intersect everywhere. Also make sure to work with as few controlpoints as possible. If you work clean and lightweight, trimming will always work! Working with multiple surfaces requires positional match. Make sure there are no open edges within the area of intersection.

Thank you so much Tom. I will try it.