Make a specific cross section

Hi everybody,

I would like to make a specific cross-section, similar to the cross-section Nr°1 on the picture.
But it seems to be impossible to do directly it with the Cross-section box in Karamba. Is it right ?

I tried a small test with a U cross-section closed by a plate and joined with rigid links beams to both centroid (Pic nr°3). But It doesn’t give similar results for displacements, utilization etc. The pic nr°2 is similar but with the whole section. (71.4 KB)

Do you have an idea to resolve it ?

Thank you in advance ! :slightly_smiling_face:


PS: my problem is maybe close to this link Rigid Link/connection - Karamba v. 1.3.0

Hi @alex.macoen, at the moment it is not possible to create unique cross sections in Karamba. However with the following workaround, you can simulate the behaviour of such cross sections: Angular cross-sections in Karamba?

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