Make a perspective plane and extrude it with attactors

Hi guys!
I would like to ask two things: 1) how to make a perspective plane with patterns and 2) how to extrude it with a attractor point.

For the first question, I would like to make the pattern like this with distortion. I have scripted it for a 2D plane, however, I dont know how to make it like a perspective (it’s still a plane but with distortion)

Second, I would like to ask how to extrude the pattern smoothly with fillet edges and with a attractor point to determine the height of extrusion. The expected result is something like this

The project aims to translate the shadow into 3D tiles, so the darker shadow is more extrude and the lighter one is more flat.

I’m not good at grasshopper so I have spent a lot of time finding the tutorial but it doesn’t help.
I would really appreciate that if someone can solve this problem. (16.2 KB)