Make a log for when files are open/closed


I sometimes have trouble remembering which files I have worked on during the week.
Is there an easy way to make rhino make a log of when a file was open and closed?

Thanks in advanced

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Astrid Kjærbølling

Hej Astrid -
When you save a file and close it, you will see that time in the “Date Modified” column in Windows Explorer.

Apart from that, and inside Rhino, there is a timer tool in the Peter’s Tools plug-in:



I was hoping for a list of what when different files was open.

I have peters tools. But I forget to press the time start.
The date modified tool only show you last modification (as far as I know). Since I can open a file several times duing a week. It would be nice to see all the modification dates. If that is possible it would be great!


Hi Astrid - You can probably make a macro that opens a file and kicks off the tool you need. What runs the timer - I mean what input from you? A button? If so what is the macro on the button?


Hi Pascal

I was hoping for a macro that could make a list of the name of the document and when I open and closed it in rhino. But it seems such a macro doesn’t exist.

Hi Astrid - what launches the Peter’s Tools routine that you want to happen at startup? What command or macro is on the button that you forget to push?


Hi Pascal

I forget to press the timer start when opening a rhino file.
I also forget to press timer stop before I close the file again