Make a hole

Hey there,
I have problems creating an ‘almond-shape’ hole in the surface… It worked on the top but have no idea why it does not work on the legs -file attached.

Can anyone help me out?

woman_trollbead.3dm (8.8 MB)

Hi @Eszter_SMid

There was some rather large inaccuracies in your model - not every surface was mirrored precisely and there was also a bad object in there. I’ve untrimmed and re-trimmed your surfaces and re-mirrored them, so that they are sitting precisely over 0,0,0. Also I’ve rebuild the almond shaped curve in order to make it more manageable. And then the almond curve could be used to wirecut the hole(s).

HTH, Jakob

woman_trollbead_JN.3dm (3.8 MB)

Thanks @Normand for the quick solution and explanation :slight_smile:

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