Make a counter automatically

I make an object move from one point to another but can not automatically do anyone can help me, to make a counter can be automatic so I do not need to use a boolean toggle, thank you

Hi @yseptarangga,

Here’s an example of a very simple timer I did in Python a while back.

2019-12-20 10-10-02.2019-12-20 10_13_19

It should work great for what you want to do! Feel free to modify it for your goals. (7.0 KB)

Thank you sir, but I want to make a blue object move to purple and then from purple, blue move to yellow.

I get that and it can be easily done with this counter. I’m away from the computer, so I can’t assist you at the moment.

Thank you, sir, I can’t wait for your good news

Like this? (11.6 KB)

Do you mean like this?

2019-12-20 14-54-48.2019-12-20 14_56_12

Please note, that a good practice around here is to provide an example file, if you need help with something! (16.1 KB)

grid3.3dm (45.3 KB) (42.0 KB)
thank you for the file that you have given, I will develop it further, this is an example file that I have made myself

sorry sir, I made like a moving agent