Make 2D within a model

Is it possible to Make 2D from within a model?

I’m not sure I understand? Make2D command is run in model space and outputs to model space. Can you give an example or some more details?

Not sure I understand either, but for what its’s worth:

‘Make2D’ using the Current Cplane option will place the geometry at zero on the Z-axis of the current Cplane, in the orientation of that Cplane.

If you follow this up with ‘ProjectToCPlane’ and use the delete input objects? option, the geometry will end up correctly aligned at the chosen location.

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Yes. I made a contour model of a cube with intersecting voids. in an
attempt to make 2d from a perspective view partially within the model, i
was unsuccessful.

Hi crosenwald - I still do not quite get the problem- can you post an example file or send to, att’n: Pascal?



Do you want to run make2d from within the objects volume?