Make 2D Variable Request

I would like to request that Make2D be updated with an additional option. I would like to be able to specify a numerical value for “padding” between rendered views. Upon generation of a 4-view drawing, from a 3d model, Make2D offers no options to space the views further apart from each other. There does seem to be some minimum boundary which it respects, as I’ve never seen views running into each other, perhaps this function could be modified to be a variable with a minimum value of whatever the current value is?

In my work duties, i often create .dwg files using Make2D, so i can xref into AutoCAD and dimension, call out features with leaders, etc. AutoCAD is a must for me, unfortunately, and i prefer not to do more work than necessary. Currently i have to manually move each view away from the rest of the views, in order to save the file in Rhino, such that upon bringing into AutoCAD, I have sufficient room for my text callouts (etc.)

I feel like this would be a useful tool for many of us who already use and love this software!


Hello - got that, thanks.


Thanks! was this the correct was to submit a feature request? I wasn’t really sure, and would prefer to submit requests in the way your team prefers to receive them.

Hello - yes, perfect - on the public forum is best - that way there may be some feedback from others that can be taken into account.