Make 2D takes forever in V7

I have a pretty basic file that takes 54 seconds in V6 to complete (third angle projection).
But in WIP(7.0.20084.11445, 24/03/2020) the exact same file takes 218 seconds!

V7 gets “stuck” almost immediately, and the fans ramp up on the computer, but when it finally creates the end result, it is identical to the V6 one, and both are very good…

I’ll send the file to the mothership if anyone wants it…


I have seen so many efforts to improve it, I am surprised that it’s it not fast enough.

[Whenever I see Make2D, I think of war rooms filled with people working feverishly around the clock. They push models across the map with long sticks. Shinny, black microphones hang from their neck. Clocks showing several time-zones line the walls. A frantic woman wearing a garrison cap, passes cups filled with black coffee from a platter. She shakes her head, and says, “There’s no time for sugar–just take it!” Just then the old man enters, covered in brass from programming battles from a bygone era. It’s been said that one of the medals is for Lisp programming, another for Fourth. Camel, Ada, Haskell, C, C++, C#, assembly, seven GUIs and twenty-three APIs, the medals for esoteric programming cover the side of his chest. There even a purple heart for raw opcode/operand programming. Surely he has a medal for microcode, and even Verilog, but there’s too many know for sure. They notice him, but they try not to stare because if they are noticed they will draw him and his pragmatic temper near…]

Edit: Sorry, I am sorry, I dragged the topic off course. Thank you for being a good sport, anyway @rabbit .

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yeah… I’m surprised with all these people in the M2D war room in Seattle its taking so long too…no time for sugar!!

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I’m posting this again, with screen shots, and the file, since it’s a huge difference between V6 & V7 for the same process on the same model…

(6.24.20079.23341, 19/03/2020)

(7.0.20091.15085, 31/03/2020)



envioronment demo.3dm (6.0 MB)