Make 2D still iffy

Still having some trouble with make2d.

In the attached model, it doesn’t produce any geometry when attempting a plan view of the geometry.

perspective is fine as are other elevations, but plan fails. no error message, just no creation of curves.

Many thanks,


running windows 7 pro sp1
rhino version Version 6 SR14
(6.14.19070.20311, 11/03/2019)Tammy James Kitchen.3dm (7.2 MB)

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Do you mean that if you select the Kitchen in Top view and do Make2D there is no output?


hi David,

yes, exactly that. the command bar says ‘make2d took 1.61 seconds’ or something but no curves are generated.

Some views work, some don’t.

It works fine on my colleagues computer, so not sure what is going on.



I can reproduce the problem. If you do SelBadObjects you will see several objects being selected. If you delete them and do Make2D again it will work.

I created a YouTrack item:

Thanks for reporting!


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Many thanks David.


Did you build this model? In particular the bad objects that are created. If you can show us how these bad objects are created it would be useful.

Hi Greg,

Yes I built the model. It was a quick one to get a render out of and done in a hurry! Don’t judge me ;).

The bad objects were created when I used move face to reposition the booleaned finger pulls on the tops of the doors.

Hope this is helpful