Make 2d problem

I’m having some problems with make 2d command.

seemingly at random the 2d output is cut along an imaginary plane.
make 2d problem.3dm (480.9 KB)

moving the object around doesn’t help, neither does exporting it to a new file.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Many thanks,

John.make 2d problem.3dm (459.4 KB)

I’m not able to repeat that problem here. There is no saved named view that makes that happen on your side so I took the view that was saved with the file and just some other random view. No problems and all curves were created here.

You are running an old version of Rhino (2012-09-27) so you might want to update…
(and good luck with that)

thanks Wim.


Hi John - no problem here either, so far. I see that your Rhino may be a crack however…if so, it may just not work.


ugh. embarrassing.

Yearh… not to say illegal! A real bummer, right? :rage: