Make 2d issues

I have a large file which originally had a lot of blocks. Tried to run make2d unsuccessfully. It just spins and spins and doesn’t seem to go anywhere. I am wondering if there’s any secret to dealing with models that have a large number of linked blocks… I then tried to explode the blocks and the file mushroomed from 135mb to 455 mb … ran make2d again and again it didn’t work.

Wondering if someone could give me some tips on dealing with this situation. Would it be better to try one view at a time rather than all 4 views, for example?

Thank you.

Hi Cosmas - This just looks ultra complicated… you might try fattening the file tolerance temporarily and see if that lets it work, but I can see how this might be a challenge for Make2d… How does Pen display mode work here?


I don’t really have any great ideas. But I am working on rewriting Make2d and if you could share your model with me I could use it as an example.
Greg Arden

Hi Greg,

I will be happy to upload it to you. Tell me whether you want the original file with all the linked blocks (as separate files) or the file with all the blocks exploded? Or both: )

Also, Greg what’s your address at McNeel?

Thank you.

Send it to me at with linked blocks and include the block definitions. Use this web page to upload


Good news! Pascal’s suggestion of loosening up the tolerance seems to have worked! I changed it from .001 to .1 and reran make2d (without exploding the blocks) and 10 minutes later… it cranked out all four views. Excellent!

Thank you @Pascal – and @GregArden I am going to upload the file for you anyway, in case you it can help.

Hi Cosmas,

I saw the photo you attached previously.
What exactly is that?
It looks very interesting.