Make 2D has no layers....!?

Wel, I just ran make 2D, the 2D curves showed up, but there is no make 2D layer in the layer list!
If I select the curves and call “what” it says they are on layer Make2D::visible::lines
If I copy and paste the objects into a new empty file, they are on what I’d expect ie Make2D, with a sub layer “visible” and a sub layer “lines”.

V5 SR9 64bit 5.940609.20145.9/06/14


Hi Tony- if you close and reopen the layer panel, or even Rhino, does the layer show up?


If I close and re-open the layer panel nothing changes, but if I close rhino and re-open the file then the layers appear…
Weird eh?
I’ve never seen it happen before…ghost in the machine…

Hi Tony- it is odd - are you running Make2d inside a script or as a ‘dash’ version in a macro or anything like that?


Hello Pascal

  • no, nothing unusual at all. I have an alias (M2) that calls the command, but I’ve used that for years, and I’ve never seen this before.
    The file is big (354 megs) and has many and nested layers (maybe 100 or so)…


Same problem seen here. I can select the new 2D line objects and see the layer name, but the layer isn’t shown at the layer manager. After some time of usage the layers appears.

@GregArden, @dale, any idea here? I do not see this yet, Micha, does your file have many layers also?



I’m not able to repeat it here. If you start a new model and draw something simple - a box perhaps, does the problem occur?

Hi Dale - it is just a “random” thing. As I said in my original post, I’ve never ever seen it happen before.
A new file with a box is fine
If I move the make2d curves to another layer, purge the file, and call the command on a test box, everything is as expected.
If I call the command on the original 3D objects, its now fine also.

I don’t know what else to tell you…I don’t know how to make it repeat…it’s just ghost stuff I guess.


I come across this situation too, not with Make2d that I’ve noticed, but where new layers are added through scripts. The new layers sometimes do not appear in the list. It happens randomly and is usually with a scrolled layer list which extends below the window.

It’s as though the list is not refreshing. My layers are always alphabetical so clicking on the list header (twice) to sort the list always solves the problem…fwiw.

Yeah, I see that as well- that is why I asked Tony if he was running a script… but no…


Yes, there are a lot of layers.

This makes is pretty hard to fix. Does pressing F5 when the Layer dialog help?

OK - it’s just happened again, on a new smaller file ( though using objects pasted across from the larger file.)

This drawing has two normal layers, and one parent layer, with nested children going down like this:

----------(three one)
----------(three two)
----------(three three)

The layer structure is like this because its come in from the more complex drawing. The make2D is from all objects on the “three” layer and below.

Looks like it might be something to do with this nesting perhaps?

@dale - pressing F5 just brings up “unknown command: NamedViewDockBar”


Select a layer in the Layer window (so the Layer window has input focus) and then press F5.

Well, I do this - nothing happens, the command line reads the same ie

unknown command: NamedViewDockBar

What is supposed to happen?


If the layer manager truly has focus, the command line shouldn’t be taking commands. F5 will refresh and F2 will allow you to change the layer name - standard windows stuff.

Ok - I see that now, or at least I don’t see it, since F5 does nothing visible at all, and gives no feedback it has even run…


Perhaps this is related to a problem I reported in the V5 beta and has never been fixed.

The layer manager does not refresh unless you move the mouse cursor directly into the area where the layers are displayed.
If I create a new layer by clicking the new layer icon on the layer tab no layer is added until I move my mouse off the icon and into the layers panel.
This drives me nuts but now that I know it’s there I at least know to move my mouse so the new layers can show up. Maybe it’s related to the make 2d layers not showing up for a while.
Can McNeel fix this layers not showing up until I move the cursor into the layer area please?