Maintaining proper visibility of the Object

Hi guys,

I have few objects that should be drawn at the same plane:
Object 1: Plane Surface
Object 2: Set of the planar curves.

I need curves (Object 2) to be always visible above the plane surface (Object 1) or in other words - Object 1 to be always behind Object 2.

At the moment in Conduit Class I am using PreDrawObjects for all objects.
Should I also use PostDrawObjects? Or is it smth more than that?

Kind regards,

You have a rich choice of methods:

  • DrawForeground - use this to draw over everything else, even if part of the object is behind other objects
  • DrawOverlay - I don’t think this should be used
  • ObjectCulling - selectively remove objects from drawing
  • PostDrawObjects - use this to draw over everything else, but not parts that are behind other objects
  • PreDrawObject - this is called before each object is drawn
  • PreDrawObjects - use this to draw before everything else. Other objects will be drawn later.

I think you want to try PostDraw or DrawForeground. But, even in PreDrawObjects, you can choose the order of drawing such that the curves are drawn last.