Maintaining custom Option choices in custom GetPoint

Hey Dale,

I have a small plugin with a couple of individual commands which utilize a GetPoint subderived class with an overridden dynamic draw similar to the example shown here.

Before this I have a Custom GetObject command setup which allows for a brep surface or mesh to be chosen and then GetPoint is created once it is selected and the dynamic drawing of some lines between the GetPoint and the chosen surface. What i’m curious of is if it’s possible to during the GetPoint dynamic draw handling if it’s possible to change the options of the GetObject command after the GetPoint method has been called.

It’s kind of similar to the example shown here,

except for that I’m not using the GetMultiple method and I still want the command prompts to be visible post calling a different Get method. I’ve uploaded a text file with some snippets of the code (i think should be enough to give example of what i’m doing).tracetosurfacepoints.txt (2.7 KB)

-Chris Slaughter

Hi Chris,

Any “getter” can display command options. This include GetObject, GetPoint, GetOption, GetString, etc.

And, there is no reason that each “getter” cannot display the same options, as long as the option values are in a location that each “getter” can use to get/set the options.

Does this help?

facepalm yes it does, I currently house the options and the getpoint class in different classes but I will figure out the parameter passing or global options one way or another. Thanks!

Let me know if you need an example…