Main windows title bar - not appearing

Hi everyone,

Somehow I lost my “main window title bar” (I tihnk that’s the name of it), and I have no clue how to get it back. I’ve tried to turn in on/off in rhino options → appearances, but it did not work,

Anyone has an idea how to fix this?

I see the Status bar on the very bottom, and 2 docked toolbars above it.
What else do you expect to be there?

Personally, I dock my Osnap toolbar on the right end of where the Command line goes. That gives me more viewport space.

The area you have indicated in red seems to be the area where the “Viewport tabs” are located? Is that what you are missing?

Hi Helvetosaur (and John)

Thanks for your reply,

The “viewport tabs” is what I meant :slight_smile: Couldn’t figure out the name of it.

But do you guys know how to get this one back?

Hej Thomas -

It looks like you have to run the Layout command once to force these to appear.
I see that you have the Viewport tabs at start option checked, so, when you then start Rhino again, the tabs should appear without having to create a layout first.

Hi Wim

Somehow after restaring rhino the viewport tabs came back. Even though I feel like I already did that… :see_no_evil:


But next time i’ll try to run the layout command. Thank you so much for your help!