Mail Client fails to launch


Has anyone with an older iOS device experienced the email client failing to launch when you try to share model/image. I have iOS 9.3.1 on all devices, and running the latest revision of iRhino. Having tested this on a 5th generation iPod it all works ?

Only changes have been Apple updating iOS and the updated version of iRhino. Mail system works normally on all devices and allows sharing in other apps.


Had this problem since first reported. I recently got a 2017 iPad and am still having the same problem, unable to email models or images ??? Further to that the app crashes now if I try to save view to photos. Very disappointed as I used to use this app a lot. It worked fine on my old iPod touch (32 bit)

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I see this one (IR-527). I’ll get that fixed ASAP. Thanks for reporting this. Not sure how that one slipped through the testing.

I cannot reproduce this one. I have no problem emailing models or images from version 2.2.1. At the risk of asking a silly question: are you sure you have a mail account set up on that device? Are you using some other email App than iOS’s Mail?



Thanks Dan, problem started last year when the iPad 2 just suddenly stopped emailing models out. I can’t remember if an update had occurred. However the iPod touch and an iPad Mini both continued to work fine. I finally traded the iPad 2 in for a 2017 iPad and to my horror the problem persists. I am using the iPad mail client and really scratching my head about whats going wrong. I’m not doubting the problem could be this end, but just can’t find the issue. Very frustrating as I’m an IT professional Ha ha haaa…


Yep, to confirm I can mail out within other apps like Pages and Graphic.


Dan take a look at this… I really am puzzled by what is happening.

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Thanks @Bill_Carson! I’ll take a closer look at the code and see what I can see (Logged in IR-528).

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iRhino 3D version 2.2.2 - available now on the App Store - has some code that should address the crashing when saving an image and ought to allow you to send models and images from your iPad.


Please pass on my sincerest thanks to all involved in sorting my issue with iRhino. It’s working and I have my favourite PR tool back.

Many thanks Dan.