Magic before node output for curves


I have this very strange situation, where the exact same code doesn’t work as continious code, but as soon as I output the exact same curves and put the second part of the code in a separate c# node, the code runs as expected:

maybe I am missing some code to “finish” the curve or some hidden magic done when the curve passes through the wire… (110.7 KB)

can someone help me understand this strange situation?


I once spent two hours fighting with circle parameterization and experienced the same issue as you - code was working separately but not in one go.

The magic is that the Curve input of a component converts to NurbsCurve.

Adding this method there seems to work.

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Thank you very much Ted! It indeed works and finishes my two day frustration.

I still don’t get why it’s EXCLUSIVELY working like this, as I do transform the circle to a NurbsCurve before the offset and had tried to add “ToNurbsCurve()” one line before: dCo.OffsetNormalToSurface(blabla).ToNurbsCurve(); which didn’t work either.

If someone knows more on this topic, I’d gladly listen. In any case thanks to @magicteddy for the solution!!