Maelstrom doesn't work

Dear fellow GH,

i tried to follow this tutorial for some fun spiral effects. Somehow the outcome is totally different from the tutorial. I basically did everything step by step. I cant see any spiral effect in my own model. Please help!

maelstrom.3dm (3.3 MB) (4.6 KB)

I basically did everything step by step.

Not quite! You use the same value for first and second. Having them the same will give the same rotational size to the beginning and end of the maelstrom. The video uses a different slider value for each. Also seems you are missing a slider into angle.


Hello Michael!

I actually did add the sliders to the FIRST and SECOND and made the values different. Can you check the file in the attachment? Thank you !

Then probably your curves don’t have enough control points to deform smoothly. Rebuild them with more control points.

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You have to turn your curves in rhino into a solid or a surface. Furthermore set the Angle input into degrees rather than radians.

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Maelstrom works with curves fine so going to surface isn’t necessary. However, going to degree is a good call.

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Hi @vankozhou

Same method I followed as instructed in the video have no errors. Check my definition (surface internalized )

Maelstrom BVR (6.4 KB)


Thank you! I managed to do this by creating a surface instead of curves. There are still controversies about why it didnt work at the beginning.