Maelstrom component and closest point attractor logic

Any help would be greatly appreciated, think it may be a data issue, am trying to deform a mesh through the Maelstrom component in GH at multiple points. Am using the closest point component to segment the verticies into 16 sets and essentially want these sets of verticies to spin around their individual closest point (sketched in blue) before I reconstruct the mesh. Am just using the lines to visualise the segmentation of the verticies. There seems to be an issue where the Maelstrom component spins the entire collection of points around a single Maelstrom as opposed to doing each set individually with its given closest point.

All the data is coming out of the mesh I am deforming which is internalised in the file. Am kind of new at GH in the past month so sorry if this is an easy issue to fix ! Thanks. Maelstrom (790.5 KB)