Made a weird plant as a practice of Fields

weird (25.7 KB)
The GH above is a re-upload version, which requires fewer plugins.

This is a practice of Fields in Grasshopper.

What is the relationship between Charge and Decay in the Point Charge component?
What is the relationship between Strength and Decay in the Spin Force component?

I have been trying to understand their relationships, but there are not many good explanations.
Hmm… or is this a subject that needs to be felt in practice, rather than understood?


i tried to get your definition to work, but it would not let me install a few plugins, pufferfish for instance is saying that the path was empty @Michael_Pryor any idea? running on mac.

Never saw that. Maybe you can download the plugins from Food4Rhino?

it should download it when grasshopper starts up and prompts you with missing plugins. human for instance downloaded but pufferfish not and some other stuff which i can not recall. i was meddling a bit nevermind me :slight_smile:

i was basically interested in fields, having no idea what it does

Maybe because it is not available through the Package Manager?

possible, i can download pufferfish manually but there is more missing and when that happens i usually give up pretty fast since many plugins are not available for mac unfortunately.

is that definition based on emitting particles or how would you explain it in a brief sentence?

Sorry for the complex answer, I deleted it.

weird (25.7 KB)

I edited Weird Plant GH a little bit.
Now you need Weaverbird and Lunchbox and a component called Radial Diamond Grid.
I guess I downloaded Radial Diamond Grid from here.
Radial Diamond | na (
I will re-upload Weird Plant GH to the first post and also here.

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Dunno what you mean. Maybe you forgot to unblock the .gha when installing. Pufferfish works fine for Mac, and no it isn’t in Yak.